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9 Travel Tips Great Hostel Guests Always Do To Stand Out

So you’ve decided it’s time for you to embark on the little adventure of your life.

Maybe a few weeks in Europe during the summer? Or a fun trip through Central America?


And you feel like not doing the usual hotel or Airbnb route, and you plan to stay alone in hostels while traveling?

Great, then keep reading!

This article is for anyone staying in hostels for the first time, or less experienced hostelers.

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Hostels are always a has to for travelers, especially those new to the world of travel. They have so many advantages such as:

  • Get to meet new people
  • These new people can be totally weird!
  • Great for solo travelers
  • super affordable

I spent about a Whole year ONLY living in backpackers and hostels.

I have been a hostel guest and a hostel employee.

So I think it’s safe to say that I’ve seen it all when it comes to the world of hostels.

This article is a list of things I’ve learned over the years that will help make your hostel experience more enjoyable.

So, below are 9 common things hostel guests do that awesome backpackers can relate to.

1. Be open-minded

Expect the unexpected and don’t be surprised by some of the strangest guests you may encounter!

Hostels are unique compared to anything else in the world in that they are a place where literally people from many countries, cultures, religions, etc. come and spend a few days.

It’s probably the best thing about hostel life. This mixture of western and eastern cultures, various points of view on life and more.

However, just try to always keep an open mind. You may come from a certain society that does things one way, but don’t accept that one way is the only way.

Rather enjoy the chance to hang out with all these humans!

2. Be a man/woman yes

It can be very easy to go back to your bedroom and not participate in anything.

Whether you’re on your own or traveling with friends, when the opportunity to do something with a group of people from the hostel presents itself, say yes!

Whether it be a pub crawl, a walking tour, a BBQ, etc.

These really can become some of the most fun days and nights of your trip. Also, you might meet a new friend.

3. Embrace the weirdness

Most of the time in the hostels, everything will be almost normal. Nothing more than expected, really.

But from time to time you might have a guest or two in your bedroom who are from another planet.

Don’t worry too much about this (unless you’re really feeling insecure), and accept the whole weird situation.

If something or someone is different from you, that’s okay!

4. Stay clean, stay fresh

Nobody likes a smelly person. Save that for when you’re alone in your own place.

In hostels almost everything is shared.

Bedrooms, bathrooms, common rooms, etc.

So be a great guest and try not to get too dirty and keep your body hygiene at an acceptable level!

Walking into a bedroom full of smelly humans with no windows open is no fun. Trust me!

5. Lights stay off when roommates are sleeping.

Don’t come home at 2 am to a bedroom full of sleeping people and decide to turn on the lights so you can find your bed.

Other people may start their day early and need a little rest, so turn on the light on your phone and make it work!

6. A bedroom is not YOUR room

With most hostels you get your bunk bed and a locker type storage space.

The rest of the space is common ground, for everyone to roam.

Don’t take over the entire bedroom floor space with all your shit. Try to keep everything neatly packed in your backpack or storage space.

Staying organized also reduces the chance that you’ll lose something when it’s time to pay.

7. Clean your dishes

Everyone loves to cook a meal or two when staying in hostels.

Eating out every day will hurt your bank account, especially if you are in the western parts of the world.

Just make sure you clean up after yourself otherwise fellow backpackers might start!

8. Accept that everyone is at a different point in the journey.

I remember the first time arriving at a hostel at the start of a trip and not understanding why some people go to bed at 9pm or have a cup of tea on a Friday night.

Whereas I just wanted to go out and have the time of my life.

But a few months later, I too found myself being that person in bed early on a Friday night!

Just remember that everyone is at a different point in their journey.

Some may need a bit of downtime while others may be on an early flight the next day.

9. Get over the “hostel chat”

” Where are you from?”

“Where are you going later?”

The two most common questions asked in any hostel!

I’m not going to lie, constantly answering these questions becomes stale. A colleague of mine used to call this “hostel chat” since people always asked about it.

Challenge yourself not to ask these questions. I dare you!

And finally, remember be awesome at all times!

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