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5 Lazy Workouts for Shapely Glutes That Celebrities Swear By

Many famous stars, from Kim Kardashian to Jennifer Lopez, are known for their toned buttocks, but it’s time the world knew their secrets. Before you say that a well-proportioned fund is only for stars that coaches can afford, think again. Some simple exercises that you can do whenever you have free time can help you achieve your dream goal.

We’re always looking for the secrets of the stars, including their most productive workouts. We find them and share them with you, which are endorsed by celebrities and trainers.

Lazy workout for a toned butt

Banded Leg Raise

5 Lazy Workouts for Shapely Buttocks Celebrities Trust
Banded Leg Raise ©

Who swears by this?

An exercise that kourtney kardashianThe eldest of the Kardashian sisters, she goes for the banded leg lift, which can be easily done at home.

To do?

Wrap a band around your legs, keeping your feet hip-width apart. Stand up keeping your knees straight. Raise your right leg, keeping it straight. Return your leg to the floor.

Repeat the leg raise with the left leg this time. Do 20 total reps, alternating between sides. If this becomes too easy for you, try squatting between leg raises.

lifting and balancing Arabesque

5 Lazy Workouts for Shapely Buttocks Celebrities Trust
lifting and balancing Arabesque ©

Who swears by this?

Jennifer Lopez uses many different exercises to tone her glutes with personal trainer Tracy Anderson. One such trick she uses is the lifting and balancing of the arabesque.

To do?

Begin in a kneeling position with your hands under your shoulders. She extends and straightens her left leg. Open your shoulders and extend the corresponding arm. If this is too difficult at first, reach out with the opposite arm.

Keeping your leg raised, rock back and forth on your knee as you lift your foot off the ground toward your thigh. Try to hold on a little longer each time. Repeat with the right leg and arm.

If it’s too easy for you, you can do this exercise with ankle weights.

plank kick

5 Lazy Workouts for Shapely Buttocks Celebrities Trust
plank kick ©

Who swears by this?

According to Gwyneth Paltrow’s trainer, she uses this exercise to tone her butt. You will end up using your entire body to stay in position.

To do?

Get into plank position. Lift your right leg off the ground. Keep the sole of your foot facing the ceiling. Pull your right leg in. Repeat this exercise 30 to 40 times, alternating between your legs.

High Knee Step-ups

5 Lazy Workouts for Shapely Buttocks Celebrities Trust
High Knee Step-ups ©

Who swears by this?

Actress Sofia Vergara use this hack to tone her butt and it’s as easy as walking down the stairs.

To do?

Stop In front of your base, you can choose a box or a bench. Place your left foot on top of the base. Push your core up and straighten your left leg, bending your right knee and lifting it as high as you can.

Reverse movement to leave the base. Repeat using your right leg. Do 10 to 20 repetitions per leg.

basic lunge

5 Lazy Workouts for Shapely Buttocks Celebrities Trust
basic lunge ©

Who swears by this?

Icon kim kardashian he uses many exercises to get his body in shape, such as sled pulls and leg presses. You even lift weights to tone up, like deadlifting with a barbell.

The basic lunge is one of their exercises that requires no machines or weights and can be done almost anywhere.

To do?

Stretch your body and keep your shoulders back. Step forward with one leg and lower your hips, bending your knee to a 90-degree angle. Make sure your front knee is directly over your ankle.

Keep your weight on your heels and return to the starting position. Repeat with the other leg. Do 20 repetitions.

When this becomes too easy, try the short lunge. Instead of returning to a stationary position, exercise in a way that simulates walking. You can also try holding weights.

Do you know any celebrity secrets on how to get in shape? Or do you have a personal secret to tone your buttocks? Let us know!

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