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10 Reasons Why Rajasthan Should Be Your Next Destination

Welcome to the royal state of India, Rajasthan! This state is known for its vibrant culture, rich history, and stunning architecture. It is a place where you can witness the glory of an ancient civilization, explore the desert landscape, and indulge in mouth-watering cuisine. We have compiled a list of 10 reasons why Rajasthan should be on your travel bucket list. So pack your bags and get ready to fall in love with this majestic land of kings and queens. From colorful festivals to traditional art forms, here are our top 10 reasons that will make you fall head over heels for Rajasthan.

1. Magnificent forts and palaces

As someone who has had the privilege of visiting Rajasthan, I can confidently say that the forts and palaces of this region are truly magnificent. The architecture of these structures is stunning and speaks volumes about the rich history of the state. Every fort and palace that I visited carried with it a unique story, and as I learned more about the rulers and their ways of life, I became even more fascinated.

The Nahargarh Fort, perched on a hill overlooking the city of Jaipur, is a must-visit. The fort affords breathtaking views of the city and boasts of stunningly intricate carvings and frescoes. The Amer Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is awe-inspiring in its majestic grandeur. Exploring the City Palace of Jaipur, one feels as though they have stepped back in time and are witnessing the grandeur of the Maharajas.

The Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur is another stunning masterpiece. Constructed in the early 20th century, the palace is still the residence of the royal family of Jodhpur. Walking through the sprawling palace and its immaculate gardens, I couldn’t help but marvel at the sheer opulence of it all.

One of my favourite experiences was visiting Junagarh Fort in Bikaner, which is famous for its intricate stone carvings and beautiful courtyards. It is said that the fort remained unconquered throughout history, which only adds to its allure.

In conclusion, the forts and palaces of Rajasthan are truly magnificent and a feast for the senses. Each one has a unique story to tell and is a testament to the rich history of the state. If you have the chance to visit Rajasthan, don’t miss out on these architectural wonders.

2. Desert experiences

As I continue exploring the wonders of Rajasthan, I can’t help but fall in love with the desert experiences this vibrant destination has to offer. From camping under the stars in the Thar desert to riding majestic camels and elephants, Rajasthan’s desert is full of adventures waiting to be discovered.

What’s more, the desert is not only a place of adventure but also a true representation of the local culture and heritage. The mouth-watering delicacies, the warm hospitality of the locals, and the incredible stories of impregnable forts are all part of the desert experiences that make Rajasthan so unique.

But what truly sets Rajasthan apart is the natural beauty that surrounds you in the desert. From the rolling dunes to the cool and chilly breeze, Rajasthan’s desert is a place to immerse yourself in nature and connect with the world around you.

As I reflect on my time in Rajasthan, I am grateful for the memories I have made in the desert. It is an experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world, and I highly recommend adding it to your Rajasthan bucket list.

3. Camel and elephant rides

As someone who recently visited Rajasthan, I cannot stop gushing about the magical experience of a camel or elephant ride amidst the enchanting desert landscapes. It was breathtaking to witness the sprawling desert views and vibrant culture of Rajasthan, all while riding atop a majestic creature.

The camel safari in Khuri was a highlight of my trip. The entire village life, the hospitality, and the delicious Rajasthani meals added to the charm of this experience. I was initially hesitant to climb up the towering animal, but the touts made sure that it was a seamless and safe experience for me. The entire ride was tranquil and serene, and I felt like I was lost in a dream as I surveyed the beautiful dunes.

Similarly, the elephant ride to the gateway of the fort was another unforgettable experience. The elephants seemed to know the way better than any Google Maps, and the ride was exciting and enthralling. The view from atop the elephant was magnificent, and the hospitality of the locals made the experience all the more enjoyable.

What I loved about the camel and elephant rides was how it allowed me to immerse myself in the enchanting culture of Rajasthan. From the expressive gestures of the elephant to the gentle swaying of the camel, each ride spoke volumes about the unique and vibrant Rajasthani lifestyle.

In summary, if you’re planning a trip to Rajasthan, don’t forget to add a camel or elephant safari to your itinerary. It’s an experience that’s unparalleled and will truly allow you to soak in the beauty and essence of this wondrous land.

4. Scenic mountain views

As I journeyed through Rajasthan, one of the highlights for me was the stunning mountain views in Mt. Abu. Nestled in the Aravalli hill ranges, the landscape is serene and tranquil. It’s hard to believe that such scenic beauty exists amidst the desert terrain. The views from the top of the mountain were simply exquisite, making me feel as though I was on top of the world.

And that’s not all. Rajasthan offers a plethora of experiences that are unique to this region. From camel and elephant rides to shikara rides, there is no shortage of adventure. The forts and palaces steeped in history and grandeur were a sight to behold. The royal hospitality and glimpses of Rajasthani culture in Udaipur only added to the charm.

What’s more, with deals on Rajasthan tour packages, it’s the perfect time to plan your trip to this vibrant destination. The showers and pleasant weather during this time make it even more ideal for outdoor activities.

Rajasthan truly offers something for everyone. Whether you’re an adventure-seeker, history buff, or just looking for a tranquil escape amidst breathtaking scenery, Rajasthan has it all. I fell in love with this region and can’t wait to return.

5. Shikara rides

I have been fortunate enough to visit Rajasthan on several occasions, and one of my favorite experiences every time is exploring the state’s waterways through a Shikara ride. Gliding through the calm waters of Dal Lake, taking in the stunning views of the surrounding mountains, and feeling the gentle breeze on my face is a moment of pure bliss.

However, the beauty of Rajasthan’s Shikara rides is not just limited to Dal Lake; other waterways across the state offer equally enchanting experiences. The tranquil waters of Fateh Sagar Lake in Udaipur, the lofty Aravalli hills in Mount Abu, and the rivers in Ranthambore Wildlife Sanctuary all offer unique perspectives from a Shikara.

But it’s not just about the aesthetics; the Shikara ride also presents an opportunity to connect with nature and reflect on life’s simple pleasures. In a world filled with constant hustle and bustle, the tranquility of the Shikara ride offers a respite, a moment to breathe and dwell in a peaceful state of mind.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend taking a Shikara ride when exploring Rajasthan. It’s not just a ride, but an experience that will stay with you for years to come. So, add it to your itinerary and let Rajasthan’s magic unfold before your eyes.

6. Wild landscapes for outdoor activities

As I was exploring the beautiful state of Rajasthan, I couldn’t help but feel exhilarated by the many thrilling outdoor activities available in the wild landscapes. From paragliding to quad biking, there was no shortage of adventure in the desert.

The stunning views of the mountains and desert landscapes only added to the excitement. I highly recommend taking a camel safari to witness the mesmerizing sunset over the desert – a moment truly unforgettable.

Rajasthan is full of surprises, and the outdoor adventures were no exception. The hot air ballooning, zip-lining and rock climbing were experiences that left me feeling alive and in awe of the beauty of this state.

The icing on the cake was the warm hospitality of the locals who provided horse riding services to wildlife sanctuaries. I felt a true connection with the rural communities who were eager to share their love of the outdoors with me.

Overall, the wild landscapes of Rajasthan provided an unforgettable experience that I will always cherish. If you’re looking for an adventure that will leave you feeling captivated and alive, then Rajasthan’s outdoor activities are a must-try! Book your trip now and get ready to fall in love with Rajasthan.

7. Impregnable forts with incredible stories

As I embarked on my Rajasthan trip, I was most excited to explore the impregnable forts that this royal land is known for. And I must say, I was not disappointed. These towering structures, built centuries ago, have witnessed great battles and personalities that have enriched Indian history.

These forts are not just magnificent buildings but also have incredible stories and secrets buried within their walls. People who love history and architecture will be in awe of the intricate carvings, frescoes, and lattice work that adorns the walls of these forts.

One of the most impressive forts is the Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur. Its imposing structure and intricate design are a testament to the Rajput artistry and military prowess. As I explored the various sections of the fort, I couldn’t help but imagine what life would have been like during the time it was in use.

But it’s not just Mehrangarh Fort that stands out. Rajasthan is full of such marvels. The Amber Fort and Jaigarh Fort in Jaipur are other fine examples of the Rajputana architecture. These forts are not merely buildings but are a part of the Rajasthani culture and heritage.

I was lucky enough to hear some of the incredible stories that surround these forts. From hidden tunnels used to escape enemy attacks to intricate systems used to collect rainwater, each fort has a unique and fascinating story to tell. And it’s not just the stories themselves that are interesting, but it’s the way they are woven together within the walls of these structures that make them truly remarkable.

As I roamed through the halls and courtyards of these magnificent structures, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of awe and respect for the people who built these impenetrable forts. Through their labor and craftsmanship, they have left an indelible mark on the history of this great land.

For anyone visiting Rajasthan, a trip to these incredible forts is an absolute must. These structures are not just buildings but are living representations of the rich and vibrant history of the Rajputana culture. And once you’ve explored these old structures, you’ll understand why Rajasthan is truly a magical place.

8. Royal hospitality

As I continue to recount my experiences in Rajasthan, I cannot help but dedicate a blog section solely to the remarkable hospitality that we were graced with during our stay in the state.

From the moment we arrived, we were treated like royalty. The staff at the hotel we were staying at made sure that we had everything we needed, and more. It wasn’t just about the luxurious amenities and beautifully decorated rooms, but the genuine warmth and care that the hospitality staff exuded. They went above and beyond to make us feel at home and part of the royal family – something that truly made our trip even more memorable.

While the magnificent forts and palaces, desert experiences, camel and elephant rides, and scenic mountain views were all incredible, it was the people of Rajasthan that really took our trip to the next level. Their humility and willingness to help was unparalleled. Everywhere we went, we were consistently blown away by the friendly, helpful locals.

One experience that truly captured the essence of Rajasthani hospitality was our stay at a heritage hotel. The hotel’s ambiance was exquisite, and we felt like royalty as we were pampered with exceptional service. It was a true testament to the state’s rich history and regal culture.

Overall, our trip to Rajasthan has left a lasting impression on me, and I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the role that hospitality played in it. Their warmth, care, and dedication to ensuring that guests feel like royalty truly sets Rajasthan apart from any other place I’ve ever visited. It’s safe to say that the hospitality alone is reason enough to fall in love with Rajasthan.

9. Glimpses of Rajasthani culture in Udaipur

As I explored Rajasthan, I was constantly mesmerized by the vibrant and colorful Rajasthani culture prevalent throughout the state. However, it wasn’t until I reached Udaipur that I truly got glimpses of the authentic Rajasthani culture that I had heard so much about. Udaipur’s rich cultural heritage is reflected in everything, from its majestic forts and palaces to its bustling markets and hospitable people.

One of the highlights of Udaipur was the cultural performances that I got to witness firsthand. The city is known for its traditional Rajasthani dance performances, which are a feast for the senses. From the colorful costumes to the rhythmic beats of the music, everything was so captivating. I also got to witness puppet shows, which are another form of traditional Rajasthani entertainment. Watching puppeteers bring the puppets to life with their skilled hand movements was a true delight.

The city’s art is another reflection of its rich culture. I was blown away by the intricate details in the Mandal artwork that I saw all around the city. It truly drew my appreciation for Rajasthani art and made me fall in love with it.

But Udaipur’s culture is not just limited to the performing arts and artwork. It is also reflected in the daily lives of its people. Walking through the streets, I could see women dressed in colorful sarees and men in traditional Rajasthani attire. The locals are warm and hospitable, making every interaction a pleasant one.

In conclusion, experiencing Rajasthani culture in Udaipur was one of the highlights of my trip to Rajasthan. It is a must-visit destination for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the vibrant and colorful culture of Rajasthan.

10. Deals on Rajasthan tour packages

As I was looking for the best way to plan my Rajasthan trip, stumbling upon the amazing deals offered by Rajasthan tour packages was an absolute dream come true. Not only did I get to explore the beautiful state of Rajasthan with the utmost comfort and care, but I also saved a lot of time and effort in planning everything on my own.

One of the best parts about availing a Rajasthan tour package was the sheer amount of options I got to choose from, ranging from the most popular tourist destinations to the lesser-known gems off the beaten track. And the best part? The prices were truly unbeatable, especially for a luxurious and comfortable experience in some of the most lavish hotels and resorts.

From the stunning views of the sunset during my camel safari to the regal hospitality that I received through my Rajasthan trip, everything was absolutely magical and unforgettable. And the deals that I got to enjoy during my trip only made it all the more worthwhile and memorable.

So if you’re planning your Rajasthan trip and want to make the most of your time, effort and money, then availing a Rajasthan tour package is a no-brainer. With the ease and convenience of planning everything in one go, along with some amazing discounts and deals, you’re sure to have the time of your life exploring this beautiful state.

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