10 Essential travel items that every traveler needs

10 Essential travel items that every traveler needs

Are you planning to take the trip of your life soon? So make sure you have these essential travel items packed up and ready to go before you leave!

I was lucky enough to spend two full years traveling through most of Europe and a bit of Asia, and with all that experience I learned what was essential to pack and what was not.

I think everyone shares the same dilemma when they start to travel. And that we ALL pack too many things!

And then, as the months go by, we realize we’ve completely packed up and start throwing things away.

Now, packaging, of course, varies depending on your destination, time of year, expected weather, etc.

But if you’re planning a long-term trip, there are always a few travel essentials you just can’t do without.

Essential travel items that every traveler needs

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Below, I’ve rounded up 10 essential travel items to pack on your next trip.

These items will not only make your life a little easier, but they will also be a total lifesaver at times!

1. Travel cubes

Travel cubes are a great way to organize your luggage.

They allow you to completely separate all the different clothing items into categories, and you never have to rummage through your luggage to find something.

Another benefit of travel cubes is that you actually end up packing smarter and using less space. This means you can carry a smaller bag or better yet have more room for souvenirs!

2. Down jacket

This is literally a lifesaver for me on so many occasions!

Even if you plan to go on a trip somewhere in the summer, you never know when the weather might suddenly turn cold.

And on top of that, planes have been known to drop the temperature by quite a bit, so it’s a good idea to have something to keep you warm.

The best thing about a down jacket is that it weighs nothing. You can simply roll it up and squash it in your carry-on!

3. International power adapter

I bought one 3 years ago and have been using it whenever I need it ever since.

Buy a good quality one and you won’t have to think about buying one again.

If you are traveling internationally then you need to have a power adapter. There’s nothing worse than arriving in a country and realizing you can’t charge your phone or laptop!

I mean, we all have to take selfies, right?

4. Travel locks

I have two travel locks that have been with me for almost 4 years.

One for my main backpack that checks in and a smaller one for my carry-on backpack. I usually lock my laptop compartment and my passport in my carry-on backpack.

The best thing about these locks that have almost longer cable is that you can use them for other things too.

For example, in hostels I use them to keep all my valuables inside lockers etc. So they really help you a lot during your trip!

5. Portable phone charger

These are super cheap and come to save the day more often than not.

You can simply toss them in your day bag or tote bag and use when needed.

6. Wet wipes

Planes, buses, and trains are full of germs.

Imagine spending 10+ hours in a confined area with 300+ strangers?

There sure are germs flying around!

Wet wipes can be used for many things on the go.

You can clean your hands and face when you feel dirty. You can use them to clean your food tray or anything else you might be touching on the flight.

And you can also use it for in case you stick something to yourself!

7. Toiletry bag

Get yourself a good quality cosmetic bag that you can hang anywhere.

These are other travel essentials that most cannot do without.

It’s important to have all your toiletries stored in one place, so get a bag and never worry about it again!

8. Noise canceling headphones

Need a break from the crying baby on the plane?

Or just feel like de-stressing with some of your own songs?

Then a set of noise canceling headphones is definitely in order!

9. Laundry bag

There’s nothing worse than having to mix dirty clothes with clean clothes when you’re busy packing!

It’s just not right.

Make sure you have a small laundry bag rolled up and stowed away for when you start using a few changes of clothes.

This is really a life saver when you need to move from one place to another!

10. Ultimate Tote Bag

I would say that my carry-on bag is probably my most important piece of luggage when I travel.

It includes my laptop and all other devices, my passport, bank cards, cash and more.

Therefore, it makes sense to go for a high-quality backpack that will protect your belongings in the best possible way.

I use a Thule bag, as seen below. Everyone has a really good laptop and valuable storage space, which can be kept under lock and key.

Plus, they never break!

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