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10 Best Places to Eat in Vienna

Vienna, the capital of Austria, is synonymous with music, art, and history. However, beyond its cultural attractions lies a gastronomic journey like no other. From the traditional and hearty Viennese cuisine to international flavors and trendy cafes, the city offers a diverse range of dining experiences. But with so many options to choose from, it can be daunting to know where to start. In this blog post, we’ll take you on a culinary tour of Vienna’s best places to eat, from elegant Michelin-starred restaurants to charming local eateries. So buckle up and get ready to hop on the foodie trail in Vienna!

1. Introduction: Exploring Vienna’s Food Scene

1. Introduction: Exploring Vienna’s Food Scene

As a foodie visiting Vienna, you’re in for a treat. The city boasts a dynamic food and drink scene that is sure to satisfy your cravings. From traditional Austrian cuisine to innovative Mediterranean dishes, there’s something for everyone.

But where to start? Central Cafe is a great spot to ease into Vienna’s food scene with its relaxing atmosphere and delicious cakes and strudel. For a taste of comforting Tafelspitz, make a stop at Griechenbeisl.

If you’re feeling adventurous, Mraz & Sohn offers a 15-course tasting menu that is sure to impress. And for contemporary cuisine, Oben Kitchen and Bar is a trendy option worth checking out.

Of course, no trip to Vienna would be complete without indulging in Viennese classics like Sachertorte, which can be found at Cafe Sacher. For a tradition of quality food and wine, visit Zum Schwarzen Kameel.

But if you’re looking for the ultimate foodie destination, Naschmarkt can’t be beat. And for the ultimate culinary experience, Steirereck im Stadtpark is a Michelin-starred restaurant serving seasonal dishes.

With so many incredible options, exploring Vienna’s food scene is sure to be a highlight of your trip.

2. Central Cafe: A Relaxing Spot with Delicious Cakes and Strudel

2. Central Cafe: A Relaxing Spot with Delicious Cakes and Strudel

Looking for a cozy spot to relax and indulge in delectable sweets in Vienna? Look no further than Cafe Central. This historic cafe is a favorite among locals and tourists alike, and for good reason. Here are just a few things to love about this Viennese gem:

– The Cakes: You won’t find better pastries and desserts in the city than those served up at Central Cafe. From classic chocolate cake to fluffy apple strudel, the options are endless and always delicious.
– The Coffee: No Viennese cafe experience is complete without a cup of coffee, and Central Cafe certainly doesn’t disappoint in this department. The coffee is top-notch, and the perfect complement to your sweet treat.
– The Atmosphere: One of the best things about Central Cafe is its cozy and inviting atmosphere. You’ll feel right at home as you relax with your cake and coffee, taking in the stunning architecture and historic decor.
– The History: Speaking of history, Central Cafe has plenty of it. This spot has been a staple in Vienna’s coffee culture since the 19th century, and it’s easy to see why it’s still so beloved today.

Overall, Central Cafe is a must-visit spot for anyone exploring Vienna’s food scene. Whether you’re in the mood for a mid-day pick-me-up or a late-night dessert, this relaxing cafe is the perfect place to indulge in some of the best sweets the city has to offer.

3. Griechenbeisl: Enjoying Comfort Food like Tafelspitz

3. Griechenbeisl: Enjoying Comfort Food like Tafelspitz

If you’re looking for a traditional Viennese meal, Griechenbeisl is the perfect spot to indulge in comfort food. This historic restaurant, which dates back to the 15th century, is full of charm and character, and the menu reflects the rich culinary heritage of Vienna.

Tafelspitz, which is boiled beef served with horseradish and apple sauce, is the standout dish at Griechenbeisl. This dish is often regarded as Vienna’s most authentic dish, and the chefs at Griechenbeisl prepare it to perfection. The beef is cooked until tender, and the accompaniments provide the perfect balance of flavour.

But the menu at Griechenbeisl offers much more than just Tafelspitz. Start your meal with a delicious bowl of soup, and follow it up with one of the hearty main courses. The Viennese goulash is a favourite among visitors, and the schnitzel is also highly recommended.

The restaurant itself is full of history and character, with old world decor and a warm, cosy atmosphere. The dining room features wooden beams and antique furnishings, giving it a traditional Viennese ambience.

Overall, Griechenbeisl is a must-visit for anyone seeking an authentic Viennese dining experience. With delicious comfort food and a charming atmosphere, this restaurant is a true gem in the city’s culinary landscape.

4. Mraz & Sohn: A Must-Visit for a 15-Course Tasting Menu

4. Mraz & Sohn: A Must-Visit for a 15-Course Tasting Menu

If you are looking for a truly unforgettable culinary experience, look no further than Mraz & Sohn. With two Michelin stars, this fine dining restaurant in Vienna serves internationally inspired cuisine that will tantalize your taste buds in a way that you never thought possible.

The tasting menu at Mraz & Sohn consists of 15 courses that showcase Chef Markus Mraz’s creative culinary talents. From the first bite to the last, each dish is carefully crafted with carefully selected ingredients and attention to detail that is unparalleled.

The contemporary setting of Mraz & Sohn creates a luxurious and elegant atmosphere that perfectly complements the exquisite food. You will be transported into a world of culinary indulgence as you savor each course and appreciate the dedication that has gone into creating each dish.

This is a must-visit restaurant for any foodie, especially if you are looking to celebrate a special occasion or simply indulge in a truly exquisite evening. The tasting menu at Mraz & Sohn is an experience that you will never forget, and one that will leave you feeling inspired and satisfied.

5. Fabios: Innovative Mediterranean Fine Dining in Vienna

5. Fabios: Innovative Mediterranean Fine Dining in Vienna

If you’re looking for a taste of the Mediterranean while in Vienna, look no further than Fabios. This top-rated restaurant boasts mouth-watering, creative interpretations of classic dishes, all with a contemporary twist.

But what sets Fabios apart is its commitment to innovation. The top chefs here have the courage to radicalize the traditions of Viennese cuisine, blending exotic flavors with local ingredients to create a truly unique dining experience.

Whether you’re in the mood for fresh seafood, juicy steaks, or hearty pasta dishes, Fabios has something to satisfy every palate. And with its trendy Italian-style ambiance, this restaurant is a popular spot for celebrities and locals alike.

So if you want to indulge in some of the best Mediterranean fine dining Vienna has to offer, head to Fabios and prepare to be amazed. And don’t forget to pair your meal with a delicious wine from their extensive selection – it’s the perfect way to round out an unforgettable dining experience.

6. Oben Kitchen and Bar: A Trendy Option for Contemporary Cuisine

6. Oben Kitchen and Bar: A Trendy Option for Contemporary Cuisine

If you’re looking for a cool and hip spot to enjoy contemporary cuisine in Vienna, look no further than Oben Kitchen and Bar. Located in Vienna’s fashionable District 7, Oben is the perfect place to blend in with trendy locals and indulge in some delicious modern dishes.

The menu at Oben offers a great selection of contemporary cuisine, with plenty of options to satisfy all tastes. Whether you’re a meat-lover or a vegetarian, you’re sure to find dishes that will make your taste buds dance with joy. And if you’re a fan of craft cocktails, you won’t be disappointed either! The bar at Oben serves up some truly creative and tasty drinks that are sure to impress.

But Oben isn’t just about the food and drink- it’s also a stylish and carefully curated space that’s perfect for a fun night out. Whether you’re meeting friends for drinks or celebrating a special occasion, you’re sure to have a great time at Oben.

If you’re looking for a trendy and stylish spot to enjoy contemporary cuisine in Vienna, make sure to add Oben Kitchen and Bar to your list. With its delicious menu, creative cocktails, and cool atmosphere, it’s the perfect place to indulge in some modern gastronomic delights.

7. Cafe Sacher: Indulging in Viennese Classics like Sachertorte

7. Cafe Sacher: Indulging in Viennese Classics like Sachertorte

Ready to indulge in the most famous and beloved dessert in Vienna? Head to Cafe Sacher, located in the iconic Hotel Sacher, and treat yourself to the OG Sachertorte. You won’t regret it.

As you enter the elegant cafe, take a moment to appreciate the traditional decor and the historic atmosphere. Then, order your Sachertorte and prepare for pure chocolatey bliss. The rich and moist chocolate sponge combined with the apricot jam creates a unique flavor that satisfies any sweet tooth. And let’s not forget about the tantalizing glaze that completes this iconic dessert.

As you take your first bite, you’ll understand why the Sacher-Torte is considered the best chocolate cake in the world. The recipe is still handed down from generation to generation of the same family since its creation in 1832. So, not only are you indulging in a delicious dessert, but you’re also experiencing a piece of Viennese history.

Pair your Sachertorte with a classic Viennese coffee or try one of the many other sweet treats offered at the cafe. And if you’re feeling especially indulgent, opt for the Original Sacher-Torte Chocolate Liqueur, the perfect way to end your Viennese culinary journey.

In summary, a visit to Cafe Sacher is an essential part of any foodie’s trip to Vienna. Put aside any dietary restrictions and fully immerse yourself in the rich and decadent flavors of the Sachertorte, a dessert that embodies the essence of Viennese cuisine.

8. Zum Schwarzen Kameel: A Tradition of Serving Quality Food and Wine

8. Zum Schwarzen Kameel: A Tradition of Serving Quality Food and Wine

If you’re looking for an authentic Viennese dining experience, a visit to Zum Schwarzen Kameel is a must. This restaurant has been around for over 400 years and has become legendary for its superb cuisine and fine wine. Here’s why you should include it in your food tour:

1. Classic & Traditional Cuisine: Zum Schwarzen Kameel offers a menu that highlights the traditional dishes of Vienna. From Tafelspitz to Wiener Schnitzel, you can indulge in classic Austrian cuisine that will leave you feeling satisfied.

2. Deli Offering: The restaurant’s deli offers an extensive selection of fresh bread, meats, cheese, and pastries, perfect for a quick snack or takeaway. Their famous open-face sandwiches are a must-try.

3. Classic Wine Bar: The wine bar offers a wide range of Austrian and international wines, carefully selected to enhance your food experience. The knowledgeable staff can help you choose the perfect wine to complement your meal.

4. High-Quality Service: The staff at Zum Schwarzen Kameel are known for their friendly and attentive service, ensuring that every diner feels welcome and taken care of.

5. Historic Ambiance: The restaurant’s interior is tastefully decorated with classic Viennese elements, creating an atmosphere that transports you back in time. The elegant furnishings and marble bar add a touch of sophistication to your dining experience.

In conclusion, Zum Schwarzen Kameel is a timeless Viennese institution that will give you a taste of the city’s culinary and cultural heritage. It’s the perfect place to relax with good food and wine after a day of exploring Vienna’s stunning sights.

9. Naschmarkt: The Ultimate Destination for Foodies in Vienna

9. Naschmarkt: The Ultimate Destination for Foodies in Vienna

If you’re a foodie visiting Vienna, there’s one place you absolutely can’t miss: the Naschmarkt. As the city’s biggest and most popular market, it’s a true paradise for anyone who loves to eat and explore local flavors.

Located in the trendy Mariahilf district, the Naschmarkt has been around since the 16th century and has always been a hub of culinary activity. Today, it’s a buzzing marketplace filled with vendors selling everything from fresh produce to exotic spices, artisanal cheeses, and cured meats.

As you wander through the market, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to sample different specialties and talk to the vendors about their products. Some of the must-try items at the Naschmarkt include:

– Käsekrainer: a local sausage filled with cheese and served with mustard and bread
– Olives and feta cheese from the Greek stands
– Freshly squeezed juices and smoothies
– Viennese coffee and pastries
– Handmade chocolates and candies
– Vietnamese and Thai street food

In addition to the food stalls, the Naschmarkt also has a range of restaurants and cafes offering more substantial meals. You can try traditional Austrian dishes like schnitzel and goulash, or go for something more international like falafel, sushi, or tapas.

Overall, the Naschmarkt is a must-visit destination for any food lover in Vienna. With so much variety and flavor packed into one place, you’re sure to find something that satisfies your appetite and leaves you with lasting memories of Austria’s vibrant food scene.

10. Steirereck im Stadtpark: A Michelin-Starred Restaurant Serving Seasonal Dishes

10. Steirereck im Stadtpark: A Michelin-Starred Restaurant Serving Seasonal Dishes

As you continue to explore Vienna’s food scene, you simply cannot miss a visit to Steirereck im Stadtpark. This restaurant, hailed as one of the best in the city, features a chic design with clean lines, situated in the spacious Stadtpark. With its creative cuisine by owner-chef Heinz Reitbauer, it has earned not one but two Michelin stars, along with numerous other awards.

At Steirereck im Stadtpark, seasonal dishes take center stage. The restaurant is committed to sourcing ingredients from local and regional farmers and producers, which makes for a true farm-to-table experience. The menu changes frequently to reflect the freshest ingredients available, but you can always expect dishes that are innovative, beautifully presented, and full of flavor.

Some of the standout dishes at Steirereck im Stadtpark include the beef tartare with smoked egg yolk, apple, and woodruff; the lamb served with eggplant, quinoa, and smoked yoghurt; and the barbecued carrots with spelt, cumin, and coriander. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that it has been crafted with care and passion.

With its modern and minimalist decor, a meal at Steirereck im Stadtpark feels like a true fine-dining experience. But don’t let the sophisticated atmosphere fool you – the staff are warm and welcoming, and the service is top-notch. Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or just looking for an unforgettable meal, this Michelin-starred gem is not to be missed.

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