Why Travel with Far Corners Safaris 

Since 1974 we've been offering exceptional trips for people who love to travel and explore the world, just like us. We enjoy getting to know people and places unlike our own. We marvel at the skills and talents we see in others, are delighted by the similarities, and better understand the differences. We experience how the world is both small and large, and note how rapidly it's changing.  And most of all, we know how these experiences can change us and provide memories that last a lifetime.   

Our enthusiasm for travel and its benefits is as strong today as it was when we began, and continues to be the foundation of the company's philosophy.  

How do we do it:

  • We're specialists, we only go to the places we know well  -  Years of traveling to the same destinations have given us extraordinary first-hand knowledge.  We use this knowledge to design all of our trips.  We're constantly monitoring the components of a trip, eliminating some and adding others. Because if something doesn't meet our high standards it's not included.
  • We craft our tours and trips as if we are planning for ourselves - We call this "concierge service" or taking the best care of clients as possible.  We wouldn't do anything less.
  • Scheduled tours have no more than 12  travelers for a more intimate experience - Our scheduled tours, where travelers often don't know one another, are limited to more than 12 travelers.  That's because we believe a small group offers a more intimate experience. Fewer people also increase flexibility.  It allows us to stay in smaller hotels/lodges/camps, dine in smaller restaurants, meet more easily with in-country experts, and be less intrusive overall. 
  • Someone from Far Corners Safaris accompanies the group so you don't have to worry about anything  - We have a vested interest in your happiness and well-being when you're traveling. We also want nothing less than to exceed your expectations. So, we have someone from Far Corners Safaris travel with you, in addition to a local guide.  In doing so, we increase the flexibilty of the trip, expose you to our country knowledge, and make sure that you relax and spend your time doing what you've come to see and do.  
  • We include a broad range of experiences for increased insight - A range of experiences help you gain a more well-rounded perspective of the country you're visiting.  And that can only be good.

We believe you're interested in gaining a rich understand of a country and its people.  We believe you're interested in something other than ordinary.  And, we believe you're expecting a trip of a lifetime.  All reasonable requests and all easy for us to deliver.  


What our Clients Say

" What a great experience you provided us.  The trip was more than I expected.  I have been singing your praises for days.  You are truly an outstanding leader and guide.  You were always there for us.  Maybe we shall do another trip in the future."  A.N., Burbank, CA

"Wow, I'm having such an awesome time in Beijing!  Thanks so much for putting together such a unique and very rewarding itinerary. Everything has worked out very well, and the variety and off-the-beaten path nature of so many visits has been great!  I feel like I have seen the highlight "must-sees", and at the same time gotten a good feel for part of the "real city."  S.B., Austin, TX

"Far Corners Safaris is true to their word and don't cancel trips.  I was one of three and the trip went as planned.  I really appreciated that."  L.M., Champaign, IL 

"I cannot thank you enough for the trip of my life time.  It far surpassed my expectations and was very interesting, educational, and easy to enjoy all the different elements of the trip.  It was diverse and you planned a good flow between the city and the wild adventures."    L.S., Los Angeles, CA