One of the least-visited safari countries, Zambia, is considered to be the last true wilderness in Africa, the Africa that once was.  It's remote with a vast range of habitats and raw beauty.  Home of the walking safari, known for its night game drives, and game viewing by canoe on one of the country's big rivers.  Here, a safari is slower and one may not see everything in one day. But combine what you will see and how you see it, and you'll understand why Zambia offers a truly unique experience.

One couldn't come to Zambia without a visit to the breathtaking Victoria Falls, the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, or spending a few days in South Africa, the gateway to Zambia.


Important Destinations

Kafue National Park - Known for its huge numbers of big cats, wild dog, birds and antelope species 

Lower Zambezi National Park - River game viewing; large numbers of buffalos,elephants, lions and leopards 

South Luangwa - Dense concentrations of game; famous for its leopards, crocodiles and hippos 

Victoria Falls - The largest waterfall in the world; spray can be seen from 30 miles away


Best Times to Visit

Zambia is in the Southern Hemisphere so its seasons are opposite to those in the north.  The best time to travel is in the dry season as game-viewing is easier since wildlife is forced to permanent sources of water. We like the following months:

  • June & July:  Chilly mornings and nights with pleasant days
  • August through September:  Ideal weather; days becoming warm 
  • October:  Last month of dry season, temperatures can be high