South Africa 

South Africa is an absolutely impressive country with endless travel possibilities. It is a country of dramatic contrasts in landscapes, people, history and culture.  It's modern and traditional.  It's a premier safari destination, a world-class wine producer, a shopper's paradise, an outdoorsman's dream, and a center for the arts, and the capital of unparalleled music diversity. It's a country with so much to experience that one trip is just not enough. Any world traveler will have South Africa on their list.  As the entry point for most all travel in Southern Africa, it  is virtually impossible not to spend at least a few days here at the beginning or end of a trip, you'll be disappointed if you don't.


Important Destinations

Cape Town - A beautiful city; great beaches, museums, shopping and cuisine; a great base for exploration

Johannesburg - Historic apartheid community; important museums and excellent shopping; vibrant music center

Kruger National Park - World-renowned game-viewing park; huge numbers of large mammal species

Winelands - Paarl, Stellenbosch and Franschoek: some of the best wineries in the world are here

Zululand - A fascinating destination to learn about the history of an important indigenous tribe


Best Times to Visit 

South Africa is in the Southern Hemisphere so seasons are opposite to the north.  Best times to visit are: 

  • Apri & May - Fall; ideal weather, particularly for hiking and outdoor activities 
  • June to September - Winter months when weather is dry and cool
  • Mid-September to November - Spring; weather ideal; great time to see wildflowers