Known as the "Land of the Incas", few who travel to Peru realize that it is one of the most diverse countries in the world.  With three very distinct geographic regions, the traveler has an enormous choice of experiences and destinations, most unrelated to the Incas. Many don't know that Peru is a first-class adventure destination, that its ceramics and weaving traditions are among the best anywhere, and that its cuisine is internationally recognized and loved. And there is more, so much more.  From its Pacific coastline to the depths of its Amazon rainforest, Peru is for everyone interested in discovering ALL of  its magnificence.


Important Destinations

Coastal Region - The narrow strip along the Pacific coast, with beaches, deserts, the main cities and important ruins

Highlands Region - The mountainous central part of the country; former center of the Inca Empire

Jungle Region - A vast expanse of tropical lowlands in the northeast, mostly covered by the Amazon rainforest


Best Times to Visit

Peru is located in the Southern Hemisphere so seasons are opposite to those in the north.  The best time to visit is in the dry season, between May and October/early November.