Where To Travel with Far Corners Safaris   

We’re specialists so we offer trips to only those countries we know very well and that makes a tremendous difference to you.



Nothing beats being on safari and these Sub-Saharan countries offer safari experiences not found anywhere else in the world.  Plan your trip soon because as they are changing rapidly. 

  • Botswana - One of the top destinations. Great for both first-time and experienced safari-goers.
  • Kenya - Incredible.  Offers a classic safari experience for both first-time and anyone returning for a safari.
  • Namibia - Magical. An amazing destination for the repeat safari-goer looking for a non-traditional experience.
  • South Africa - A big country with lots to see and do beyond safaris.  An incredible place for everyone.
  • Tanzania - THE premier safari destination.  Fabulous for both first-time and repeat safari-goers.
  • Uganda - Trek for gorillas.  Ideal for repeat safari-goers looking for a unique experience.
  • Zambia - A less-traveled country.  A low-key destination for both first-time and return safari travelers.



A destination of contrasts.  Traditional countries and people heading at lightening speed to modernize.  See it before it changes.

  • Bhutan - A country of scenic beauty and gorgeous handicrafts. Ideal for the more adventurous traveler. 
  • Cambodia - Known for the spectacularly stunning temples of Angkor.  A country to be seen by everyone.
  • China - Location of some of the world's greatest antiquities and new trends.  A must-see for all. 
  • Myanmar - A destination of great temples, hill tribes and cultures.  Great for adventurous travelers.
  • Nepal - The top of the world and a cultural destination. Perfect for adventurous non-trekkers. 
  • Thailand - Exciting and sensory.  Something for everyone.  A must-see for all.  
  • Vietnam - A very welcoming and beautiful country.  A perfect choice for any traveler.  


South America  

The New World, and is it beautiful.  Its offers so much of everything that you can never see it all in just one visit.  You have to see it to believe it.

  • Argentina - Spectacular. There is no shortage of experiences to be had. A must-see for any traveler.
  • Brazil - Unbelievable. A country that knows how to live.  It's an experience.  A destination for all.
  • Chile - Stunning.  From deserts to ice, all packed in this narrow country.  Perfect for any traveler.  
  • Peru - The "Land of the Incas", with so much more to see and do. A must-see for any traveler.