Chile, more than 2,600 miles long, yet averaging only 109 miles wide, offers such an astonishing selection of destinations that you could say "it has it all". Beginning in the far north, with the Atacama Desert, and continuing on to the Antarctic in the far south, with world-renowned wine valleys, lakes, rivers and fjords inbetween, one can't help but be utterly impressed with the diversity of this great travel destination.  And that's before adding the mysterious Easter Island to the list.  It's a year-round destination depending on what you want to see and do. Chile, a country that serves up big experiences and memories to last a lifetime.


Important Destinations

North Region - Harsh, geographic extremes such as the  Atacama Desert; noted for its archeological ruins

Central Region - Location of main cities; world-renowned wine valleys, popular beaches; great snow skiing 

Southern Region - The lake district; great destination for those who love outdoor activities, in particular, fishing

Extreme South Region - Includes Western Patagonia, with lakes and fjordscontinues on to the Antarctica

Easter Island - The Polynesian island in the Pacific Ocean, known for the its large stone statues 


Best Time to Visit

Chile is in the Southern Hemisphere so its seasons are opposite to those in the north.  To avoid crowds (both local and international) and have good weather, the best time to travel to Chile is:

  • Late September through November 
  • March to May