Brazil, the largest country in South America, offers so much to see and do that you either need a very long vacation or more than one trip in which to see it all. It is country of endless energy, incredible diversity of people and cultures, and an unbelievable talent to savor life to its fullest.  It's world renowned for its vibrant music, love of soccer, white-sand beaches, cosmopolitan cities, the Amazon, and of course, Carnival.  The five regions that make up Brazil are so very different from one another you could easily forget that you're still in just one country.  Few destinations offer the traveler so many options.  Come see for yourself.


Important Destinations

North Region - Home to the Amazon rainforest; great diversity of wildlife; indigenous cultures

Northeast Region - The most historic of the regions; home to beautiful beaches and colonial cities 

West Central Region - Where one finds Brasilia; site of Paranatal, the world's largest wetlands 

Southeast Region - The region of commerce and sophisticated cities, like Rio and Sao Paulo 

South Region - The tropical home of the impressively spectacular Iguaçu Falls


Best Times to Visit 

Brazil is in the Southern Hemisphere so its seasons are opposite to those in the north.  The best times to visit are:

  • After Carnival (usually mid-March but this changes depending on the date of Easter) through May
  • September & October