One of the most beautiful destinations of South America, Argentina is spectacular in every way.  Home of the tango, the gaucho, the asado and great geographic contrasts.  It's modern and cosmopolitan, yet still has a foot very firmly planted in the past. Traditions run deep here but that's part of what makes this country so endearing. It is a destination that has something for eveyone, regardless of age or fitness level. Argentina is definitely a country you'll fall in love with and to which you will want to return. 


Important Destinations                                                                                                   

Buenos Aires - The "Paris of South America"; a city of excellent food and shopping; "The" place to learn the tango

Iguazu Falls - No less than 275 separate cascades in lush, jungle vegetation along the Argentina/Brazil border 

Lake District - With snowy mountains, pristine alpine lakes, and rugged forests;  a year-round playground

Mendoza - At the base of the Andes Mountains; known for its world-class wine 

San Juan - An off-the-beaten track destination that offers some unique experiences found nowhere else 

Southern Patagonia - Goes to the end of the continent; the stepping off point to the Antarctic; the capital of glaciers


Best Times to Visit

Argentina is in the Southern Hemisphere so their seasons are opposite of those in the north.  The best times to visit are:

  • March through May
  • September through November