Namibia is a wild, hauntingly beautiful country with few people, vast desert scenery and the skeletons of ships lost at sea strewn along its Atlantic coastline.  To many, the harsh countryside appears to contain no life of any kind, but with further examination one will see that there is both vegetation and wildlife. Few destinations have such vast, empty landscapes, endless sunny skies or star filled nights.  You'll be mesmerized by it all and enchanted forever.   A trip to Namibia is often combined with a safari to Botswana or Zambia, but definitely with a stop to see the breathtaking Victoria Falls.                                                                                                        (Photo by Paul van Schalkwyk)


Important Destinations

Damaraland - Unimaginable beauty; red highlands filled with big cats and a variety of desert-adapted wildlife

Etosha National Park - Great for classic game-viewing; lots of animals especially lion; home to black rhino

Skeleton Coast - Littered with ship wrecks; an inhospitable spot that is rarely visited; amazing vistas 

Sossusvlei - Famous red sand dunes; may be the oldest desert; a number of migratory bird species

Swakopmund - An old German port; many colonial buildings still remain; has an Old World feel


Best Times to Visit

Because Namibia is in the Southern Hemisphere the seasons are opposite to those in the north.  The best times to visit Namibia are:

  • April and May - Air is fresh and relatively dust free and skies are clear
  • June, July and August - Morning and evening weather is cool; days are sunny and clear
  • September and October - Temperatures are rising; pleasant and warm