The third country in East Africa, Uganda, is known as the "Pearl of Africa" for its snow-capped mountains, stunning green valleys, and deep crystal lakes.  It offers the traveler an "off-the beaten path" safari experience as well as the very unique opportunity to see the endangered Mountain Gorilla and no less than 13 different primates. After many difficult years, the wildlife has steadily increased making a safari to Uganda very special.  While many bypass Uganda, it is country of spectacular sights and experiences that one should consider visiting. 


Must See Destinations

Bwindi Imprenetrable National Park - A World Heritage Site; home to 50% of the world's Mountain Gorilla

Kidepo Valley National Park - Remote with lots of big game and bird species; tranquil and serene

Murchison Falls National Park - Huge herds of elephant, hippo, buffalo, lions, leopards; bird lover's paradise

Queen Elizabeth National Park - Wide diversity of habitats; famous tree-climbing lions and birds


Best Times to Visit

Though the Equator passes through it, Uganda's higher elevation makes the country cooler year-round than other Equatorial destinations.  The best time to visit is during the dry season when wildlife concentrates around permanent water soures; the weather is also ideal for treking for gorillas and primates.  These months are:

  • January through March 
  • June to early October